Wild Escapes Equipment Bookings

Enjoy the water during your Wild Escape stay by booking kayaks, paddle boards and rowing boats


£70 per person / per day

Our sit on top kayaks are very stable and easy to paddle for everyone including new paddlers through to experienced paddlers. A perfect way to explore Cowlands Creek it’s secluded coves and inlets.

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Paddle Boards

£70 per person / per day

Like a combination of surfing and kayaking, paddle boards are a popular way to cruise the calm waters of Cowlands Creek. The tiny corrective movements needed to balance also means paddle boarding can achieve a fantastic full body workout! Our paddle boards are inflated and ready to use.

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Rowing Boats

£80 per person / per day

Our four-person rowing boats are our most traditional method of faring the waters of Coombe and Cowlands Creek. Take the family, take a picnic and spend the day finding quiet beauty spots to enjoy the spectacular landscape of Cornwall.

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