Spitfire Tea – 20 Sachets

20 Sachets (foil wrapped)

Our Spitfire Tea is a celebration of the brave men and women who protected our skies since the first RAF planes flew 100 years ago. The iconic Spitfire plane is a symbol of British strength and valour.


2018 was the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. To mark this centenary celebration, Tregothnan blended two bastions of Britishness – an icon of the skies – the revered Spitfire aircraft and the most British tea in history. Tregothnan’s new Spitfire Tea is a bold, malty and truly English tea made using homegrown leaves from their tea gardens in Cornwall. This commemorative tea raises money for the RAF Benevolent Fund who have been supporting the RAF family since 1919

RAF pilots have been fuelled with tea throughout the last century. Sir Winston Churchill decreed in 1941 that the South West of England should be covered with tea crops for Britain to become self-sufficient in tea growing, should the country be cut off during the war. He was concerned that a shortage of Britain’s favourite drink would mean a dip in morale so great, that the war would be lost. Sixty years later Churchill’s wishes were finally realised when Tregothnan in Cornwall became the first place to grow tea on British soil.

This robust Spitfire Tea is the kind of brew that would have kept British troops hydrated and motivated for action. Designed with the iconic Spitfire camouflage print and presented in a ration style pack, the tin contains 20 ready-to-drink teabags.

20p from every commemorative tin sold will go to the esteemed charity the RAF Benevolent Fund. Since its foundation just one year after the RAF, the RAF Benevolent Fund has taken care of the Royal Air Force Family entirely through support from the public.
To brew your Spitfire Tea, use freshly boiled water and infuse for two to four minutes. This robust tea can be drunk with milk.