Eurostar Tea – Cornish Smoked Manuka – 12 Pyramid Bags

12 Loose Tea Pyramids

Our Eurostar tea is a rare and delicious tea we have created with Chef Raymond Blanc OBE, for Eurostar Business Premier. The Manuka woodchips give an elegant smoky flavour to the tea, with a rich, caramel colour in the cup. This is complemented by the refreshing aroma of Citrus Bergamia imparted by the Bergamot oil. Smooth, clean and subtly sweet, this smoked tea will be unlike any you have tried before. This tin caddy contains 12 silken pyramid pouches of Cornish Smoked Manuka Earl Grey.


This tin caddy contains 12 silken pyramid pouches of Cornish Smoked Manuka Earl Grey.

Process of creating the Eurostar Tea

The process to create this exclusive Cornish Smoked Manuka Earl Grey for Eurostar draws upon many of the natural resources at Tregothnan. Sustainably coppiced wood has been cooked in retorts set within Tregothnan woodland to create charcoal used to smoke this tea. Manuka woodchips have then been added to the fire to infuse a light, honey-scented smoke. The tea has then been blended with sweet Manuka Flowers and infused with Bergamot oil. The Manuka bushes from which the chips and flowers are derived are grown next to the tea bushes at Tregothnan, protecting them from the prevailing wind.


This Cornish Smoked Manuka Earl Grey tea is a blend of leaves from our plantations, Assam smoked over Manuka woodchips, natural oil of Bergamia and Manuka flowers.

Brewing instructions

Infuse for approximately 3 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea. Whole leaves take a little longer to steep, but the short wait is well worth it. Leave the freshly boiled kettle to cool for a few minutes before pouring, as the water should be no hotter than 95ºc when infusing. This delicious blend is usually served without milk.
A famous blogger, Chelsea Webster, from Taste the Tea blog recently reviewed the tea:
“The result was beautiful! When first taking a sip, it’s quickly apparent that the honey notes really dominate the bergamot, perhaps not ideal in an earl grey, but tasty all the same. There’s also a beautiful malt flavour and slight smokiness (which I love!), but I really thought this particular note would be stronger, because of the emphasis on it being a smoked earl grey.”