Floral Manuka Honey – 113g


This spectacular jar of Manuka Honey is a very special limited edition from Tregothnan, with only a few jars left from the season. Proven antibacterial properties, Manuka is said to have great health benefits. Our Manuka Honey is not only extremely rare, but fragrant and delicious.


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When New Zealand Television visited Tregothnan we were delighted to tour the oldest bushes of Manuka outside of New Zealand, indeed it was Tregothnan that first introduced Manuka bushes Leptospermum scoparium) to the world in the 1880s. It had been suggested that the Manuka should only be grown in New Zealand and that stock from these original introductions should be sent back. When it was explained that the huge Manuka industry in New Zealand relies on the European Honeybee that the British took there, the debate subsided!

In June the cascades of flowers looking like a covering of snow on the 10ft tall bushes, humming with bees!

We do not use the UMF rating as it is trademarked by Comvita. However, we frequently host groups from New Zealand and share experiences with members of the various bee and honey associations in New Zealand, including Nuffield Scholars.