Tea School Masterclass

1 Day Experience

Fancy yourself as a tea buff?

Join us for our ‘Tea Takes on the World’ tea masterclass on the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall.

Hosted in the International Tea Centre, TR3 6AR this is the ultimate treat for tea fanatics and includes a unique opportunity to see the UK’s first and only tea plantations.

The day will begin at 10 am with an introduction to Britain’s tea history and future, how and where Camellia sinensis grows, and the manufacture of teas. Discover the rich botanical history of Tregothnan and how with the unique microclimate growing tea was made possible.

A stroll to the tea plantation plus an exploration of the herbal tea gardens will brew up an appetite for lunch: a delicious lunch of local seasonal Cornish delicacies.

The afternoon session will focus on the story from bush to cup, the differences in loose leaf and tea bags, tea and its health benefits, perfect brewing, and why we should all drink more of it! As well as this the fascinating etiquette of social tea drinking will be explored especially with reference to the Great Estates.

The day will conclude with a Tregothnan cream tea, forum and tea masterclass tasting certificates, and a chance to purchase teas and other estate produce from our shop.

We reserve the right to place guests in the most appropriate sessions according to interests and group size. On rare occasions course dates may be changed if circumstances change or dates become oversubscribed.

We welcome any information you may offer regarding your interests and any specific areas you want to explore.