Case Study

Eurostar Business Premier

Tregothnan on board Eurostar Business Premier London, Paris & Brussels

Since early 2016 we have been working with Eurostar Business Premier in London, Brussels and Paris. The process began with a Tregothnan visit by Executive Head Chef, Raymond Blanc, and his team. They came to see and sample the array of British botanical ingredients growing at Tregothnan.

After meticulous trials, Raymond and the tea masters at Tregothnan created the Cornish Smoked Manuka Earl Grey – a fragrant tea with smoky bergamot notes and Manuka Flowers.

On completing the blending process, the marketing team then engaged with their counterparts at Eurostar to create bespoke packaging in line with both brands’ guidelines.

Prolific blogger ‘Taste the Tea’ reviewed the blend:

“Tregothnan is one of those tea companies that are so bewildering to me, managing to successfully marry a unique signature trait with luxury in a with a seemingly minimalist effortlessness. The result was beautiful! When first taking a sip, it’s quickly apparent that the honey notes really dominate the bergamot. There’s also a beautiful malt flavour and slight smokiness (which I love!)”.

The tea was officially unveiled in the Paris Business Premier lounge. Four bespoke ‘tea glorifiers’ were handmade for the purpose of displaying the tea in each terminal.

The ‘glorifiers’ called upon Tregothnan’s natural resources – solid Tregothnan Oak bases and Manuka Flowers set in resin were supported by brass plates detailing the story of our journey with Eurostar in French and English.

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