Beekeeping Course

1 Day Experience

An ideal way of learning the workings of a bee colony, this beginners’ one-day beekeeping course provides an introduction to the world of honeybees and beekeeping. 

Covering the biology and life cycle of the bee, you will learn about who does what in a colony and the things we should look out for when inspecting a hive.  We will also talk about the equipment needed to set up a hive, how to examine colonies and overall seasonal management as well as when and what to feed bees, how to identify diseases and pests and the new diseases and parasites that threaten our bees today. 

On our beekeeping course you will also have the opportunity for close interaction with the bees if you wish, including examining frames of honey and pollen and finding the Queen.

Beekeeping Course content

Understanding the workings of the colony is key to knowing what is normal when we examine a hive.

We will learn about the different castes of bees, the queen, workers and drones, their roles in the life of the colony and what to look for when inspecting a hive.

The various equipment needed when working with bees.

We will present the various options available in the types of beehives and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We will also talk about how to examine colonies. Emphasis will be on determining the status of the colony and what it needs.

We will talk about what a good brood pattern looks like and how to check whether colonies need to be fed or need to be given extra supers for storing surplus honey ( what foods are commercially available and how to make some yourself).

We will cover seasonal management. Go through “a year in the life” of the colony and talk about what to expect and what needs to be done during each season of the beekeeping year.

We will cover management of diseases and pests of honeybees, the new diseases and parasites that affect our bees today.

Close interaction (if you wish) with the bees when we will open an active colony of bees, find the

Queen and examine frames of brood honey and pollen.
There will be ample time for a Q & A session at the end of the day.

What is included

Full day workshop

All refreshments and a light lunch of seasonal Cornish foods.

All protective suits and gloves.

This workshop includes time both indoors and outside so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear and bring wellies if it is, or has recently been wet.

2-6 participants.

10.00am-3.30 approximately, with a lunch break (selection of local seasonal foods, please notify us as soon as possible of any dietary restrictions).

We reserve the right to place guests in the most appropriate sessions according to interests and group size. On rare occasions course dates may be changed if circumstances change or if dates become oversubscribed. We welcome any information you may offer regarding your interests and any specific areas you would like to explore.