International Tea Day 2021

Today Is International Tea Day!

This 172 year old Rose is flowering today certainly has its roots in tea…

Tregothnan has been collecting and growing rare species for seven centuries, including this Fortunes Double Yellow Rose from China. Robert Fortune sent the rare rose from Ningbo to Tregothnan in 1849. Today this 172 year old rose has produced this exquisite bloom for International Tea Day!

Robert Fortune also introduced tea plants from China to other parts of the world, such as Darjeeling in India. Tregothnan was the first in the UK to grow Camellia outdoors over 200 years ago while growing Camellia for tea production is only in its third decade.

Rose aficionados will be familiar with hybrid tea roses, these are nothing to do with tea except that they were introduced from the tea regions of China to France.

Rose petals are a popular addition to tea blends, as in this rose tea. Some of the tea gardens have roses growing amongst the tea bushes, such as this river garden tea, below.


Happy International Tea Day!

Tea varieties from all over the world flourish in Europe’s largest tea gardens, in a special microclimate. The heavy wooden tray, above, rests on a seven year old Indian tea bush, serving as a useful prop for tea rolling. The silver tray on the right rests on the plucking table of a Chinese tea bushCamellia sinensis var.


Japanese Green Tea

Here is a preview of some new single estate teas in the works. Last year Tregothnan was ranked among the top few teas in the world and now we are going for number one! These incredibly rare Japanese style teas are a labour of love, hand made in Cornwall. Stay subscribed to our specialist tea news for exciting insights before they go on general release.