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Homelessness isn’t something that springs to mind when you think of Cornwall, however with high house prices, seasonal employment and lower wages the need for homeless charities is growing within the county. Homeless charities such as St. Petroc’s Society work toward helping the homeless across Cornwall, from emotional support, practical advice, signposting to specialist services, and to appropriate housing. Homeless charities are working hard to ensure that people that find themselves on the streets are given the best opportunity to start again. According to an article published on the 25th January 2017 by Pirate FM, Cornwall has the ‘Third highest number of rough sleepers in the country’ for people that are made homeless. Homeless charities including St. Petroc’s Society are becoming a vital lifeline helping the homeless find support and housing to combat this issue directly.

St. Petroc’s Society is a homeless charity with the aim of helping the homeless find refuge and support. For over 30 years St. Petroc’s Society have served the local community providing a sanctuary for the homeless in Cornwall. One of charity’s aims is to provide comforts for those made homeless. With two resource centres St. Petroc’s Society provide amenities such as bedding, clothing, a shower and storage facilities and a GP – all of which aid in helping the homeless people that are left unsupported, especially in the winter months.

“Our aim is to ensure that each person is given every opportunity to succeed in whatever in whatever goals or aspirations they have.” St Petroc’s Society

The St. Petroc’s Society works to help the homeless people in Cornwall by supporting those who suffer the loneliness and isolation that is linked to living on the streets. St. Petroc’s Society has committed volunteers that work to run activities that promote inclusion and social engagement; running art classes, cooking and many other skills. With 36% of their homeless clients being between 16-24 years, learning these skills is vital to helping these homeless people find jobs and opportunities in their area, with the ultimate aim of living independently

This homeless charity’s commitment to the individuals that it serves, accompanied by the understanding that every person they take under their wing is different, is what makes St. Petroc’s Society a valuable lifeline in helping the homeless find refuge. St. Petroc’s Society works to help their clients in all areas of life, from health and well-being to how to manage budgets and taking on employment opportunities. St. Petroc’s Society doesn’t stop once their clients are off the streets and those that still require it receive ‘floating support’ ensuring they are able to maintain their responsibilities.


St Petroc’s Society opens its doors to the homeless by offering 80- supported bed spaces in houses (which includes private sector leases) located in Truro, Falmouth, Bodmin and Newquay, Pool and Helston. The homeless charity housed 110 homeless people in 2015-16 in their own supported accommodation and a total 0f 491 overall

Getting people off the streets and sheltering them from the weather is only a small part of the work St. Petroc’s Society do towards helping the homeless. St. Petroc’s society give unique opportunities to those who need them, giving homeless people the ability to progress towards training or future employment.

St. Petrocs Society provide housing stages that allow for an easy transition with the appropriate support, starting with shared supported housing in one of their six houses and eventually progressing onto private rented accommodation. St.Petroc’s Society provides the stability of a home, helping the homeless by providing them with their own bedroom with a shared kitchen and living room – encouraging people to take it in turns to cook for each other and eat together in a positive and sociable atmosphere. St. Petroc’s Society provide washing facilities which gives the people that come to this homeless charity the chance to regain their independence, by providing these homeless people with the ability to present themselves for possible job opportunities. St. Petroc’s Society offers further support once you move on to private letting to assure their clients are coping with their responsibilities.

Homeless charities such as St Petroc’s Society provide much needed support to the people who need it most. Within Cornwall alone, 65 homeless people were recorded in 2015 drastically rising from the 40 recorded in 2014. The current figure for 2016 is 99 and these are considered to be conservative figures as they are snap shot of an average night. It is not possible to identify everyone sleeping rough across the county in one night. The work the volunteers are doing at St. Petroc’s Society is helping the homeless within Cornwall, not only by offering medical and psychological support but by providing the skills to allow to enter the community and be able to have opportunities we have every day from access to shelter from the rain, to applying for a job.