Edible Chilli Herb Garland

Tregothnan’s Edible flowers collection

Our edible flowers and foliage bouquets make unique gifts, lovingly created at Tregothnan. Here at Tregothnan, the home of British tea, we are best known for our love of tea and commitment to supplying the finest British grown produce within our tea and floristry business. Our edible collection is a product of these two passions, combining the fresh botanicals used for creating our teas, infusions and beautiful British bouquets.

Our innovative florists have developed a collection of entirely edible bouquets, full of seasonal herbs, teas, spicy foliages and fragrant leaves. The edible bouquets make a truly multipurpose gift, giving you the chance to enjoy every aspect of Britain’s finest plants and flowers – from their delicate beauty to the fulsome flavour.

Our edible bouquet range provides the perfect gifts for tea lovers, foodies and all of you looking for something a little bit different. Our edible bouquets are ‘world first’ and entirely made of British grown herbs and flowers to create a truly striking display. Not only practical, but beautiful, this edible bouquet is a spectacular centrepiece elevating everything from kitchen table tops to dining tables.

Our edible bouquets paint a perfect picture of the sights, smells and tastes of the British countryside – the shades of silvery green from the fresh mint, the soothing fragrance of lavender and spicy hit of our famous Drymis, to name just a few. The fresh mix of gorgeous greenery ensures that this edible bouquet is a feast for your eyes – and for your tummy!

This innovative edible bouquet can be enjoyed at your leisure. If you’ve managed not to tuck into the bouquet while it’s fresh, then you can dry out the leaves and keep them in airtight containers to use as you need them. Our edible bouquets come with care notes to give you advice on how best to process the leaves, buds, fruits and petals in your arrangement and some ideas for how to use the ingredients in cookery or drinks.

These beautiful arrangements comprise the finest edible herbs and flowers found and foraged on our private estate in Cornwall with one of the largest private, botanical gardens in Britain. Tregothnan is located in a subtropical microclimate on the edge of the river Fal which allows plants and herbs to flourish. As we rely on British grown produce, each of these edible bouquets is completely individual and provides you with the very best of the British seasons.

The edible bouquet perfect for tea lovers is our ‘Fresh Tea Collection’ designed and hand-picked by our in-house florists here at the Tregothanan estate, this bouquet is filled with surprises. Combining a diverse and fragrant selection, our Fresh Tea Collection makes a special gift is filled with everything you need to create your own tea blends, including; Eucalyptus, Lemon Verbena, Myrtle, Camellia, Drymis and Manuka.

We also offer a Fresh Tea Collection gift set that allows you to purchase one of our edible bouquets combined with a 10 sachet box of our most popular Classic Tea, a Tregothnan bone china mug and presented in our Tregothnan branded wooden gift case. This bundle allows you to truly experience the Tea grown in England from bush to cup, while you wait for your own tea posy to bloom sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of the most British tea in history in your very own Tregothnan mug! Before having the unique experience of creating your very own truly British blend.

At Christmas, our Edible Collection is a hot and spicy winter warmer containing Chillies, Bay and Rosemary which will add a little natural beauty to your Christmas decorations. And a fun talking point for guests and visitors over the festive period.

Edible Chilli Herb Garland

Our Edible Herb Posy will fill your home with the fragrances of these fresh herbs, before making the perfect addition to your kitchen cupboards. Throughout the year this posy could be filled with botanicals including; Sweet William, Lavender and Rosemary.

Tregothnan Edible Herb Posy with fresh herb fragrances

All of our edible bouquets come with free delivery across the UK. Click here to shop the range of edible flowers.


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