A busy shop in the heart of Japan selling Tregothnan tea

Tregothnan Tea in Japan – an interview with our distributors Andrew and Daijo

Tregothnan Tea is sold all over the world but some of our best customers are in Japan. Japan has a rich tea drinking history and one of the best tea ceremonies in the world, representing harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity. The Japanese have the greatest respect for any tea drinking country – but especially one that manages to grow its own! Consequently we have enlisted the help of Andrew and Daijo in Ginza, Japan to spread the word about Tregothnan tea across the country. We asked them a few questions at them to explain a little more… To visit Tregothnan’s Japanese online store, please click here.

Andrew and Daijo are in Ginza, Japan to spread the word about Tregothnan tea across the country

Why do you love working with Tregothnan Tea?

Working with Tregothnan is a breath of fresh air.  It is a family business and everybody is so friendly. All the staff are extremely helpful and Jonathon (Jones) is very knowledgable about all aspects of the tea business.  He is invaluable.

What makes Tregothnan Tea such a sought after product in Japan?

The Japanese consumer is very knowledgable and they research a lot about everything they buy. Tregothnan tea is unique in the fact that the tea is actually grown in England.  They like the long history of Tregothnan and are amazed to find out that there is a family connection with the famous Earl Grey himself. But ultimately, they love the taste of Tregothnan tea.

Where can we find you? Which events?

We have been exhibiting at the British fairs this year for the first time in Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi and Isetan Shinjuku.

We have an event especially set up for Tregothnan tea by the Hobonichi company.  It is on December 20th until 22nd it is called MERRY TREGOTHNAN at TOBICHI 2 address:4 Chome-28-26 Minamiaoyama, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0062. Next year we have another weeks event Hankyu Kobe.  It is their first time having a British fair and they are really excited to have Tregothnan tea exhibiting with them It is from March 17th – 23. In 2020 we also have some exciting news to reveal about an exclusive Japanese hotel in Tokyo.  Please look out for more announcements

A busy shop in the heart of Japan selling Tregothnan tea

​Why did you want to sell Tregothnan tea? 

I am originally from Cornwall and when I came to Japan I wanted to promote products that are unique to Cornwall and Tregothnan is exactly the product that I wanted to promote and sell.

Who is Tregothnan Japan? 

​Tregothnan Japan is me, Andrew Williams and Yuko Nakanish or Daijo as we all know her.  Essentially,  I came up with the idea of selling products from the UK and specifically from Cornwall and Daijo has been the backbone of the business. Because she can speak English very well it helps me and all Japanese businesses only deal in Japanese.  It would be impossible for it to work without her.  We also have Chris Green from IFG (Island Food Group) who we use as the importer for the tea.

Yuko Nakanish or Daijo as we all know her posing with a tin of Tregothnan Red Berry Tea

What is the future for Tregothnan? 

We want to keep doing the events around Tokyo and extend the reach of Tregothnan tea to other parts of Japan.  We also want to sell the other products that Tregothnan produce from the Key Plum Jam to the amazing Manuka honey.




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