A Beautiful View from Glenburn's Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India.

Tregothnan and Glenburn’s Tea Estate Twinning

Glenburn, in Darjeeling, India,  is a particularly wonderful tea estate with whom Tregothnan have worked closely for many years. When the Tregothnan team undertook the research into the first tea to grow in the UK, the gardens of Darjeeling were incredibly important. Much of the famous flora of Tregothnan Botanic garden is native to Darjeeling and the huge Magnolia campbellii flowers grow prolifically here, boosting our confidence that tea could also be grown at Tregothnan. Aside from the serious science of tea, Tregothnan found in Glenburn another similarity with its own estate in the UK: a love of the whole tea experience and complementing nature.

A Beautiful View of a Mountain range from Glenburn's Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India.


Exchange of research, tea science and tea bushes has led to strong connections being formed at many levels between the world’s two foremost tea estates outside of China. A visit from the Twinning Committee linked Darjeeling to Tregothnan, celebrating the raising of awareness for the ‘Champagne’ of tea from Darjeeling.

A special Assam tea Located at Glenburn


Afternoon tea blends are best with a true Darjeeling leaf and from the outset, Tregothnan have been happy to create the ultimate afternoon tea blends with leaves from the finest Darjeeling estates, added to its homegrown leaves.

As the relationship with Tregothnan flourished, Glenburn also grew a special Assam tea from lower elevations, specifically to add to the Tregothnan breakfast tea blend. This created the most authentic breakfast tea with a strong maltiness associated with this world-famous blend. A Single Estate breakfast tea is not possible as it is by definition a blend, so Tregothnan have always selected the best possible leaves to add to its homegrown tea, grown with the same passion and attention to detail that Tregothnan itself invests in its gardens and people.

In 2003, Tregothnan research identified an emerging trend in specialist travel to visit this tea estate and others around the world and coined the phrase ‘tea tourism’. The most outstanding tea experience was always at Glenburn and the inclusion of their tea in Tregothnan afternoon blends stands in recognition of the superior tea flavour and process, created by the most passionate tea people.

Today, guests to both estates vie for some of the best tea accommodation in the world and indulge in the most informative tea tastings. At Glenburn, the accommodation is world class at an elevation of 3,000 feet, whilst at Tregothnan the Wild Escapes tea cottages are nestled between the ‘tea and the sea’.

The accommodation at Gelnburn is world class situated at an elevation of 3,000 feet


Both Glenburn and Tregothnan compete to create the best single estate teas in the world and are confident that you will be thrilled by the tasting experience at Glenburn Tea Estate and Tregothnan and encourage you to make up your own mind!

The owners of both estates attend the Chelsea Flower Show and share a love of the finest gardens and horticulture – as well as tea! If you would like to try Tregothnan’s delicious Afternoon Tea blend made with Glenburn’s world class Darjeeling leaf, please click here.



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