Tregothnans famous Camellia Maze located in the middle of Tregothnan Estate Gardens

Tea podcast on the history and science of Tea – now live!

Our tea podcast is now live! In June, we had the pleasure of welcoming influential journalists, Nicky Twilley and Cynthia Graber, of award-winning podcast Gastropod – all about the history and science of food. Gastropod reaches a large audience in the US and beyond and has become one of the top most-downloaded foodie podcasts in the world.

Both of these lovely ladies are huge fans of a good cup of tea so we are delighted to be able to share our love of Britain’s number one drink and get all tea geek with them for this tea podcast!

In the fascinating tea podcast, Nicky and Cynthia discuss the story of two countries and their shared obsession with Camellia sinensis, otherwise known as the tea bush. The Chinese domesticated tea over thousands of years, but they lost their near monopoly on international trade when a Scottish botanist, Robert Fortune, disguised as a Chinese nobleman, smuggled it out of China in the 1800s, in order to secure Britain’s favourite beverage and prop up its empire for another century.

We gave Nicky and Cynthia a tour of the Estate, taking in the oldest and the newest tea gardens and then helped us in harvesting and processing tea leaves, learning about the difference between green and black tea, as well as which is better for your health.

Put the kettle on, and settle in for the science and history of tea throughout this tea podcast!




The Tea Grown in England