Tea, Gardening and Floristry Experiences at Tregothnan

If you’re looking for the perfect Cornish gift, look no further. Here at Tregothnan in Cornwall, we have created a range of exclusive gift experiences, workshops and courses to suit your special someone – no matter what their passion. Our ancient Cornish Estate and beautiful botanical gardens have inspired our workshop and course packages, giving you the chance to experience and learn from the marvels pioneered and grown here at Tregothnan – from aspiring florists to tea lovers to garden enthusiasts. Each course is accompanied by lunch, a Cornish cream tea and, of course, the most British tea in history.

For those who share our passion for floristry and want to experience a floristry course with a difference, our floristry course gives participants the opportunity to understand the origins of ‘house flowers’ and great Estates growing blooms, especially for the house displays. You can explore the creative diversity in floristry with the support and guidance of our experienced floristry team. From colour and size to proportion and contrast, you will be taught how best to showcase your displays fit for the most exquisite manor house. Our diverse floristry course in Cornwall will give you a chance to learn about the biology of flowers and plants as well as how to care for and maintain your blooms.

This Cornish floristry course is entirely individual, following our commitment to using British grown flowers and foliage – using only the best of season. From hand-tied posies to edible bouquets, our floristry course in Cornwall is the perfect addition to your visit to Britain’s most spectacular region. Cornwall’s most popular floristry course will provide a unique insight into the future of sustainable floristry in Cornwall, England and across the UK.

Tregothnan Floristry course

For the hands-on gardening enthusiast, we offer a gardening course in Cornwall with a difference. This unique gardening workshop will take place within the 100 acres of Cornwall’s most heralded, private, botanical gardens, alongside the banks of the river Fal. The perfect gift for gardeners, this course takes a look into the unique subtropical microclimate of the Tregothnan garden, creating the perfect conditions to allow rare species plants to thrive, like our famous Camellia sinensis tea plantations. no matter what your previous gardening experience.

This totally Cornish gardening experience will give you a practical insight into Tregothnan’s botanical garden, home to the only surviving original Wardian Case which first transported rare plant species from across the world. Accompanied by a member of our experienced garden team you will be able to engage in a wide variety of activities – such as planting, learning about rare plant species, woodland management, how to create a tea garden and seasonal floristry. Our gardening course is the ideal Cornish gift for the gardening enthusiast in your life, giving them a hands-on experience of gardening in one of Cornwall’s most impressive gardens.

Here at the Tregothnan estate, we are home to the most British tea in history – a tea that truly celebrates what’s best about the tea-drinking culture embedded within our British heritage. Here in Cornwall, we are able to produce the only inherently British tea and, in order to share the wonders of the most British tea in history, we have designed a range of courses to suit every tea lover – from tea grower to tea drinker.

From bush to cup this Cornish experience provides the ultimate guide to tea for the ultimate tea lover. Dive into an exploration of tea, from the very first moment tea was grown on British soil, to Britain’s most successful and premium tea brand we have today.

Our Cornish tea experience courses adapt and change alongside the constant innovation of our tea development team. We are able to suit every level of interest from the casual tea drinker to the expert tea connoisseur. Our Cornish tea courses include our tea masterclasses – exploring the diverse history of Britain’s number one drink and the exciting future of our tea. Our tea courses include tasting and blending sessions and offer the chance to experience some of our newest bespoke blends and prized Single Estate tea. You could even create your very own Single Estate tea on our Single Estate experience course which gives tea lovers the chance to spend three days selecting, plucking, processing and blending your own bespoke tea.

We have also created a Cornish experience that allows you to develop your own tea growing skills. This course will teach you how to care for and maintain tea bushes, taking an in-depth look into the methods of tea growing, such as land cultivation, sowing, irrigation, pruning and harvesting. If you are looking for the perfect Cornish gift for the botanists, horticulturists or tea connoisseurs in your life, these exclusive tea courses are the perfect Cornish experience for them. Our unique tea courses provide the chance to visit England’s only commercial tea plantation in Cornwall, with a detailed look into not only the history of this world-famous drink but how we will ensure its place within our future.

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The Tea Grown in England