Christmas Tea White Russian

Our Special Blend Christmas Tea is back and now packaged in 100% biodegradable pyramid bags. To celebrate with you, we’ve designed a fabulously festive drink using the spicy, fragrant pyramid tea bags to create a syrup.  Christmas White Russian Recipe INGREDIENTS: Christmas Tea Syrup 4 Christmas Tea pyramid bags 250ml freshly boiled water 4 tbsp honey 1 tsp vanilla…

A Cold Brew

As a nation we are obsessed with the best way to brew tea. We were surprised to discover some people microwave milk and water, adding the teabag afterwards! Here’s a thirst quenching idea for summer that is definitely worth a try. This works particularly well with Red Berry Tea. Pop your leaves into cold water…

12 Drummers drumming spiced Christmas cocktail

On the twelfth day of Christmas, we give to you a delicious Spiced Christmas cocktail. Much like the Drummers Drumming, this cocktail’s flavour has a powerful, spicy taste. Our Christmas tea, making this cocktail truly delicious. Flavour Profile Honey, cinnamon, spiced Ingredients for this splendid cocktail include: 1 Tregothnan Christmas loose leaf pyramid 2 Tablespoons…

5 Gold Rings

On the fifth day of Christmas, we give you the Five Golden Rings cocktail! This cocktail will dazzle any who tastes this delightful beverage and is a sure hit for any festive get together leading up to Christmas. Flavour notes Sweet, spicy, pineapple, honey Ingredients 40ml Goldschlager 60ml Pineapple 60ml Manuka tea (we recommend you…

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