A homeless man trying to sleep on a Park bench in Cornwall.

Tackling homelessness in Cornwall

With recent surveys providing shocking figures nationwide, tackling homelessness in the UK has become a major concern. However it’s not just large cities such as London that have been made aware of the importance of tackling homelessness. When you think of Cornwall,  you think of Summer holidays surrounded by your family, but for some people life in this beautiful holiday destination has become a battle for survival. The issue of homelessness in Cornwall isn’t something that would automatically spring to mind when picturing the beautiful Cornish coast. However, with high house prices and lower wages the number of people finding themselves homeless in Cornwall is growing, along with the need for homeless charities within Cornwall. The southwest is home to 23% of rough sleepers in the UK’ and it is becoming vital to tackle the issue of homelessness within the South West.

‘Cornwall has the highest number of rough sleepers in England, after Westminster in Central London’ – Steven Morris, Friday 18th March 2011 The Guardian.

Affordable homes in Cornwall have become near impossible to come by,This is the tragic result of a nation struggling under the weight of sky-high rents, a lack of affordable homes and cuts to welfare support.’’. With homelessness in Cornwall on the rise the need for homeless charities within Cornwall, such as St. Petroc’s Society, Coastline and Shelter is becoming more vital to help tackle homelessness in Cornwall.

Homeless charities in Cornwall aim to tackle homelessness by offering a wide range of facilities to help those that find themselves homeless in Cornwall every year. Homeless charities within Cornwall work to offer advice and support for those that find themselves battling with the struggles that being homeless in Cornwall present. St. Petroc’s Society in particular offer a variety of support, like ‘homeless welfare packs’ and medical care that can make sleeping on the streets more bearable. This homeless charity in Cornwall offers 38 bed spaces between six houses located in Truro, Falmouth, Bodmin and Newquay and, by doing so, St. Petroc’s Society is able to help provide homeless people in Cornwall with somewhere they can call home.

A homeless man trying to sleep on a Park bench in Cornwall.


Tackling homelessness in Cornwall doesn’t end there. Homeless charities in Cornwall work to provide ongoing support for those that find themselves homeless, ensuring that they are getting the correct support, both physically and mentally. Homeless charities within Cornwall like St. Petroc’s Society provide the opportunity for people that are usually left feeling isolated and alone to have the chance to socialise and build connections. Within the shared houses homeless charity volunteers actively work to encourage activities that promote inclusion and social engagement, such as running art classes, cooking and assisting in learning many other skills. With 36% of Cornwall’s homeless charities’ clients ranging between 16-24 years, learning social skills like these is a vital part of tackling the homeless crisis in Cornwall and giving homeless people the chance to apply for jobs and opportunities in their area.

More than 600 people are homeless in Cornwall right now – these figures although shocking do not take into account the ‘hidden homeless’ that go unregistered every year. It is not only the people you find on the streets of the larger towns such as Falmouth and Newquay that are sleeping rough – many homeless in Cornwall retreat to areas of woodland and parks to seek shelter from the winds that embrace the Cornish coastline, others find refuge on the couches of friends until they are able to find refuge elsewhere.

Homeless charities in Cornwall like St. Petroc’s Society are working toward tackling the issue of homelessness covering all areas of the problem, from couch surfers to those who find themselves sleeping in doorways. Homeless charities within Cornwall, alongside the Cornwall Council, provide means to help individuals find affordable accommodation – from shared housing to private letting. They aim to support the homeless in Cornwall enabling them to have a second chance – something that otherwise could be impossible.

Homelessness in Cornwall is a serious issue, with these figures getting higher each year. It’s the work of the homeless charities within Cornwall combined with the work of Cornwall Council that help to make a difference on and off the streets. These homeless charities in Cornwall are making a significant difference to not only how we help the homeless, but how we view them. By tackling homelessness within Cornwall and providing ongoing support and housing every year, they have become a lifeline for those that find themselves homeless in Cornwall.

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