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St. Petroc’s Society and Tregothnan team up to tackle homelessness

St Petroc’s Society and Tregothnan Estate are teaming up to tackle homelessness together this Spring at Tregothnan’s charity open garden weekend. The usually private Tregothnan garden opens to the public for one weekend a year in support of a chosen charity. On 22nd and 23rd of April this year Tregothnan will hope to raise record sums of money for the St Petroc’s Society, an organisation dedicated to helping the homeless people living on the streets of Cornwall. St Petroc’s Society have been tackling homelessness for over 25 years in Cornwall and with more than 600 peopleregistered homeless people in Cornwall, their work is crucial to our community. Tregothnan have chosen to support St Petroc’s Society at the charity open garden weekend this year to recognise the vital work undertaken to tackle the problem of homelessness in Cornwall.

The Tregothnan garden spans over 100 acres and offers visitors a rare opportunity to visit the largest, private, botanical garden in Britain and support the St Petroc’s Society’s work in tackling homelessness at the same time. This will be the 17th time that Tregothnan has opened its gardens for charity and last year raised a record-breaking sum of over £50,000.

With the price of houses in Cornwall at an all time high, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for people to afford to live here and why the issue of tackling homelessness in Cornwall is so relevant. St. Petroc’s Society recognises that homelessness in Cornwall can also be attributed to a lack of permanent work. As a tourist hot spot, summer in Cornwall opens up many seasonal jobs but leaves people with nothing available in the winter and an increasing difficulty in finding work.

St Petroc’s Society will be hoping that the Tregothnan charity garden open can repeat their record-breaking success of last year’s event in order to help them in their battle to tackle homelessness, as the South West make up 23% of all homeless sleepers in the UK. Cornwall alone saw a 52% increase in the number of rough sleepers from 2015 – 2016. These statistics prove how important St. Petroc’s Society’s work is when it comes to tackling homelessness in Cornwall and how much the Tregothnan garden open weekend will help in raising money and awareness for the issue of homelessness in Cornwall and for the St Petroc’s Society themselves. Tregothnan’s open garden event is the largest of its kind in the UK and with the numbers of rough sleepers on the rise, it has never been more important to make sure we are helping charities like St. Petroc’s Society.

A sea of pink which can be seen at The UK’s Largest Open Garden Weekend



A large proportion of people affected by homelessness are young people who have left home at an early age. St. Petroc’s Society have released statistics to prove this, stating that 36% of our client group, on average, are aged between 16 to 24 years old.’. This statistic also shows that homelessness also affects other age groups and St. Petroc’s Society have to make sure they are trained and prepared to help many different types of people on the street. Some of the money raised at Tregothnan’s garden open weekend will go towards helping St Petroc’s Society ensure they have enough training and staff to deal with wide array of people they meet on the streets and the long-term and immediate needs of these homeless people.

The money raised at the Tregothnan garden open weekend will help St Petroc’s Society to tackle other issues linked to homelessness like mental illness – a recurring problem that often affects people when they are homeless. This can be in the form of depression, the feeling of isolation or traumas related to their previous homelife, especially in young people who have run away. Many of St Petroc’s Society’s patients also have alcohol and/or drug dependency and all of these coniditions require close working between the medical team and Cornwall Drug and Alcohol Team, Addaction, Outlook Southwest and community mental health teams.

Tackling homelessness in Cornwall is a serious issue that St Petroc’s Society is working hard to tackle, to help get people off of the streets of Cornwall. Tackling homelessness in Cornwall doesn’t end with Tregothnan’s charity garden open weekend, but needs continued support from as many people as possible to help homeless charities like the St Petroc’s Society to support the homeless every year.