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A perfect little pick-up, this cute, compact Black Tea Selection box contains a mixed selection of eight individually foil-wrapped tea bag sachets. This will give you or your friends and family the chance to sample some of our range of tea flavours if you haven’t managed to try them all already! Please view our brewing guide to craft the perfect cup for each flavour.


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All the delicious blends are made with leaves plucked from our English tea plantations in Cornwall, blended with Assam or Darjeeling.
Classic: Cornish tea leaves and Assam
Earl Grey: Cornish tea leaves, Assam and bergamot oil
Afternoon: Cornish tea leaves and Darjeeling
Great British: Cornish tea leaves and Assam

Difference between Classic and Great British?

Great British Tea is often likened to a builders brew and is the stronger of the two teas. This is due to the higher content of Assam which offers a strong and malty flavour.

Our Classic Tea still contains Assam to create the malty flavour we Brits adore, but there is more emphasis on our own Cornish Tea Leaves (likened to Darjeeling) which results in a slightly less aggressive flavour and is more quintessential English tea recipe.

If you’re keen to know more about how we grow our black teas,  read Our Tea Story about the very first seeds that were planted in 1999 to the business we have become today.