Tea Bush & Pyramid Gift Set

This tea bush comes with a loose tea caddy of your choice and provides the opportunity to drink a cup of Tregothnan tea or tisane and nurture a tea plant at the same time!  care notes and information about the journey ‘from bush to cup are provided for the tea plant. Tea bushes supplied are approx 15-25cms tall and nearly two years old.


What is tea made of?

Tea is made from the dried, processed leaves and buds of the Camellia Sinensis bush and Tregothnan is pleased to offer you the opportunity to buy the same plants we use to grow our tea on the in Cornwall.

The tea-producing bush has dark green, thick leaves and produces delicate white blossoms.

Picking the finest tea

The finest tea is made from the top two leaves and bud of each of the plant’s shoots. Using other plucked leaves from the sprig will produce a stronger tasting brew.
Unlike tea bushes supplied as seedlings, this plant has been nurtured from a cutting and will happily grow in the correct conditions. ’.

For more information about our tea bushes and the history of tea