PRE ORDER Single Estate Tea – 11g Loose Servings

11g Loose Tea

Our Black Single Estate Tea has been ranked at in the very TOP tier of tea in the world by Epicure in 2020. This exquisite and rare single estate tea is made exclusively from our finest leaves plucked from the first tea gardens in the UK.



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Brewing instructions

Infuse at 80ºc in filtered or naturally soft water. No milk or other additions required to taste but this tea is incredible, adaptable and complements a great range of other ingredients in the cup if you wish to experiment. Tregothnan honey is a particular favourite. Re-infuse the leaves as many times as you choose, the record is 12 infusions, equating to 12 cups of tea from 3 grams.

Tregothnan’s unique microclimate

The most British tea in history is grown on the banks of the 18-metre deep sea creek six miles inland from Falmouth. The tea thrives in a true microclimate in conditions similar to Darjeeling. In fact, Tregothnan often enjoys warmer temperatures than the famous tea regions of India. A delicious, light and rewarding tea for anyone and a real Cornish tea for connoisseurs.

The first pure English Tea

Many of the tea bushes now producing the finest teas made their way from China in the 1840’s via Darjeeling, finally reaching the Tregothnan Estate, Cornwall in 1999. After six years of growth and development, we were able to produce the first commercial tea grown on English soil in 2005.