PRE ORDER – Single Estate Earl Grey – 7g Loose Tea

Exclusive Tregothnan Single Estate Earl Grey, for connoisseurs.

100% Cornish grown leaves blended with the finest pure Citrus bergamia oil. This truly is the most English Earl Grey ever created and is a tea experience that Charles Grey  himself could only have dreamed of in the 1830’s.


You won’t find this exceptional blend anywhere else on the planet – a true Tregothnan exclusive!

Single Estate Earl Grey is a tea experience to be savoured, the result of two decades of meticulous tea growing and tasting by the tea experts at Tregothnan.

Crafted to be enjoyed at any time of day from the finest leaves grown in the unique micro climate of the Tregothnan tea gardens, Single Estate Earl Grey is invigorating and uplifting, subtle and sophisticated. Differing from the best selling Tregothnan Earl Grey, this single estate has leaves picked from a few specially selected tea bushes with particularly hairy tips. These leaves would be suitable for making the finest of chinese style white tea but are instead oxidised and blended with the oil of Citrus bergamia.

Single Estate Earl Grey is intended to be enjoyed as a black tea but will stand milk or honey to taste. Sufficient for one large tea pot or 6 small cups, 7grams may be reinfused to yield a lighter taste. Take care not to scald the tea, the bergamot oil is easily evaporated. Recommended temperature is 85c, the same as with the Tregothnan Earl Grey grown from a wider range of plants. You may wish to experiment and perfect your Earl Grey making skills with our best sellers before indulging in the ultimate connoisseur Earl Grey!

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