Lightly roasted Japanese style hojicha tea.


This is a big daily tea in Japan for very good reason, the light roasting is completely delicious to many millions of tea fans. Hojicha brews very quickly and should be tasted after just 30 seconds rather than wait the usual several minutes to infuse. Hojicha also reinfuses very well and is frequently reinfused with hot water several times.  Tregothnan has developed hojicha making processes over many years and was honoured to have served this tea to the G7 Leaders in Cornwall. Indeed the Japanese Prime Minister had his delegation despatched to Tregothnan from their G7 summit base to purchase additional supplies of the fine handmade Japanese style teas to take back to  Japan. If you think Japanese style tea is not for you, hojicha has the potential to surprise and delight.

7 gram packet. Enough to make around 10 cups with re-infusion.