Sunset Polo Blend Tea – 50g Loose

50g Loose Tea Servings

We are delighted to be supporting Nic Roldan’s Sunset Polo Tea with this blend of truly British tea, created with transatlantic tastings by Nic Roldan with Tregothnan for Sunset Polo events. This revitalising blend of tea is finished with luxurious Saffron, giving it the golden glow of a Summer’s sunset. Sunset Polo Tea is delivered in 50g loose tea pouches, sealed in a limited edition Sunset Polo designed tin.


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Sunset Polo Tea is a refreshing and aromatic blend of the freshest tea leaves, plucked and dried in England, retaining the greenest chlorophyll captured from the sun. The British tea is blended with China’s finest Green Tea, spicy Cardamom Pods and Tregothnan Chamomile.

Brewing instructions

To brew our Sunset Polo Tea, use water no hotter than 80ºc. We recommend brewing this tea for 2-3 minutes and serve without milk.

Celebrating the Sport of the Kings

We have created this blend specially made to celebrate polo, the ‘Sport of the Kings’. Nic Roldan is the US polo captain and the top player in the US. Nic runs Sunset Polo events to support the work of equine welfare charities like Brooke USA and Brooke UK – charities dedicated to alleviating the suffering of working equine animals. Proceeds from the sale of this unique blend will go to supporting Nic’s Sunset Polo events. View our