Apple Mint – 7g pouch

This mini 7g tasting pouch of Apple Mint Tea is the perfect size for two small pots of tea. Apple Mint is a must try combining the refreshing aroma of pure mint with undertones of sweet apple. This unique mint is dried cold which captures the most sensitive and volatile oils at their source and keeps them there, only to be released when you taste them. We are proud to pioneer this method of processing for our herbal teas.


Grown in England, Tregothnan’s cold cure herbal teas are Ginger Mint Tea, Chocolate Mint and Apple Mint. The flavours are grown into the mint plants which are chosen specifically for their flavour profiles, rather than blended with other ingredients to create the apple or chocolatey flavours, for example. Ginger Mint is a warm, spicy yet smooth infusion which has a subtle gingery kick to lift the mint. Chocolate Mint is rich with subtle malty tones to give the sense of chocolate. These super special teas are packed with added health benefits that may help to give the respiratory system a boost this winter, but their ‘cold cure’ quality is in the unique way these herbs are dried.

Low temperature drying and curing of tea and infusions is a pioneering method of drying never before trialled by a tea company. Drying is an important step in tea processing and all teas must go through this process to enhance flavour and become a long-life product. Any amount of heat applied at this stage can evaporate the leaf’s natural oils which can lead to deadening of flavour. The dramatic difference between cold cured Tregothnan herbal teas and standard temperature cured tea is immediately apparent in the striking aroma and explosion of flavour in the cup.

Harder than it sounds, this is the first time this type of processing has succeeded – a world first. Cold cure Tregothnan herbal teas are the product of decades of experimentation and experience of careful growing and processing conditions. At least 95% of the natural moisture in the leaves must be extracted to be sufficiently dried. Cold curing must be done in a controlled environment to emulate as closely as possible natural air drying. The end result is the greatest retention of the light aromatic oils than in any other herbal tea.

Cold cure teas are a healthy way to give yourself a treat – bursting with flavour, packed with nutrients, hydrating and detoxifying for your body. Cold cure teas are a must have for every menu in our new decade.