Finest tea in the world



Ranked as one of the finest teas in the world, this matured single garden tea is the product of almost 700 years of continuous cultivation.

Tea from the first tea bushes to grow in the UK is nurtured in the very gardens where it was discovered that the tea genus could grow outdoors over 200 years ago. Such incredible history and botanical buccaneering are enabled by a tiny microclimate covering 150 acres of Tregothnan.

The inimitable conditions help explain the remarkable results and flavours of these award winning teas.

Respectfully ageing the tea leaves is key to the inimitable liquor and taste of deep sea creek tea. The early tea yields from the first tea grown in England were laid up for 15 long years to create a remarkable tea to enjoy today or for continued maturing in your collection.

These rare leaves were harvested and processed by the tea team developed by Jonathon Jones OBE.

Simply wrapped and presented in parchment, these rare consignments are available in very small quantities and limited batches. 135 grams per consignment.



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