English Breakfast – 250g Loose Tea

250g Loose Tea

Our English Breakfast Loose leaf tea is bold, malty and rich made with the widest variety of leaves ever grown in England. We are anticipating this breakfast tea isn’t only served fast, it is the slickest way to get a morning blast of caffeine without the grumpy attitude that comes with coffee.


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Our Breakfast tea contains a blend of English tea leaves from the Tregothnan estate and the finest Assam from the gardens of India.

Brewing instructions

Add your desired amount of loose leaf tea into the metal infuser of the teapot – we recommend a heaped teaspoon for each person and an extra spoonful for the teapot! Place the infuser into the teapot. Infuse for 2 to 4 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea – we recommend 3 minutes of infusion time before pouring.
Remove the infuser – the leaves will have expanded to three times their original size. If you would like further cups once the teapot is empty, simply replace the infuser with the same tea leaves and add more water.

Our English Breakfast tea can be drunk with milk and sweetened to taste.