Red Lammas Wheat Flour

Red Lammas wheat flour was first recorded in 1660. Favoured by the artisan bakers of Cornwall and sought after around the world!



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This outstanding whole wheat flour was the classic red winter milling landrace wheat of England from the Tudor period to the Napoleonic wars.

In 1774 Ellis wrote that Red Lammas was the ‘King of Grain’. This delightful flour is grown without the need for pesticides or fungicides and has thrived for centuries without modern day chemical inputs.

You wont find this treasured flour on supermarket shelves at the best of times, but you can find it at Tregothnan.

Will, our grower, mills the flour in small batches on site and delivers into our warehouse on a weekly basis, that are simply wrapped in brown paper.

Try this delicious flour today in your home baking – it makes spectacular bread!