Single Estate Experience

3 Day Experience

We are pleased to unveil the Tea Makers Masterclass, our most immersive experience yet. This is a tremendously exciting and unique opportunity to create your own bespoke blend of tea, whilst staying on the Tregothnan Estate.


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You will have the opportunity to pluck your own tea leaves from our Camellia Sinensis plants in the Himalayan Valley, where the tea bush was first introduced into the UK back in 1999 to great success. You’ll be picking leaves which make up our exclusive Single Estate tea, made purely from the Camellia leaves. Depending on the time of year that you visit, you might either pick the first flush of the year (in Spring), or the Autumn Flush. Both produce light and delicate flavours and make for a delicious treat for a special occasion.
Once plucked, we will move to the rolling and oxidising and then drying stages. This process results in the natural juices being released and takes roughly 10 – 16 hours.
If you choose to blend your tea, we will discuss the principles of all the various flavours and guide you through the process. Ultimately, the tea that you will leave with will be entirely your decision, but we will be there every step of the way to help!
We will discuss the Golden Rules of tea storage and brewing, up to and including the properties of the water used, the ideal temperature for brewing, and the different brewing vessels to use. We will give you the opportunity to hone your tea-tasting skills, in order to get the maximum benefit of every sip (or slurp!) of tea.
Throughout your time on the estate, we will make sure that you are provided with expert tutorage. Our tea experts will be ready to discuss the finer details of the tea process and will be on hand for discussions, demonstrations and consultations.
Because of the nature of the process, we anticipate that this experience will take place over the course of at least three days. This gives you free time to explore the picturesque surroundings from your base at Coombe. We would be happy to provide suggestions for activities, walks and trips.
This course is suitable for tea connoisseurs, those who work In the hospitality or food business, and those with an adventurous spirit!