Gardeners Workshop

1 Day Experience

Join this gardening workshop with a difference. The garden team at Tregothnan are a highly skilled bunch and pride themselves on maintaining and developing one of the largest, private, botanic gardens in the country. Our gardening workshops cover diverse subjects including the preservation of rare plants, caring for tea gardens, seasonal floristry and woodland management.


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The unique, subtropical microclimate and setting of Cornwall creates a fascinating and diverse ecosystem, allowing plants to thrive and flourish that ordinarily would suffer in harsher climates.
Tregothnan blooms throughout the year, creating magnificent and colourful displays of flowers such as magnolia, rhododendron and of course, our famous Camellia sinensis. At any given time in the season, there will be a wealth of exciting and rare plants and trees to learn about.
Join our team for an highly informative day as they engage in a wide variety of activities, such as planting trees, plants, shrubs and flowers, demonstrating how to give tender plants more protection from the elements, discussing the best times of the season for planting, creating the best soil conditions for plants and flowers to thrive, tending to perennials, and of course, the all-important pruning!
We’ll look at examples of plants that are unique to this location and share tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your own garden.
This course is perfect for those looking to enhance their experience of plants and gardens, and equally, anyone who is intrigued by the unique and magical setting of Tregothnan and the exotic flora that prosper here!
We reserve the right to place guests in the most appropriate sessions according to interests and group size. On rare occasions course dates may be changed if circumstances change or if dates become oversubscribed. We welcome any information you may offer regarding your interests and any specific areas you would like to explore.