Weekly Subscription of Seasonal British Bouquets

British Flower Bouquet Subscription

This special weekly delivery ensures that you know the beauty of these British blooms every week. Your weekly subscription will be delivered to your door every week on your chosen day for four weeks, ensuring your home will always be graced with beauty of a truly British bouquet.


Here at Tregothnan we understand that flowers are a fleeting moment of beauty and that this is part of the reason we are so besotted by them – elevating our homes into the freshest and finest celebrations of every season. We make sure that we use flowers sourced from the gardens and meadows of Tregothnan and our brilliant British growers, which are then chosen and assembled by our skilled floral designers using a diverse selection that represents the loveliest flowers from Britain.

Some examples of our beautiful bouquets that might arrive through the changing seasons are pictured below. You can also include a different message with each bouquet, making this very special gift even more personal.