A cup of the nations favourite drink

The secret to creativi-TEA, lies in the cup.

With Blue Monday only a few days behind us, many of us are struggling to get those creative juices flowing this January. A new study conducted by Chinese researchers, suggests that drinking one cup daily of the nation’s favourite drink can cause a spike in creativity levels. Which is very helpful for us while we’re working on our new packaging which will be coming very soon. Watch this space.

The research supports the idea that tea helps assist with divergent thinking, a thought process used to generate creative ideas by the exploration of as many solutions as possible.

The research was conducted by scientists at Peking University who carried out an experiment using 50 students. Half were provided with a cup of water and the other half were given a cup of black tea. They were then exposed to two tests, in which the tea drinkers scored consistently higher across every category in which divergent thinking was required.

Research has suggested that as a result of two ingredients present in tea – caffeine and theanine – that it is perfect for aiding attentiveness as well as giving the drinker a mood boost. Working in a similar way to yoga or meditation, tea can aid relaxation and improve attention resulting in the perfect cure for beating those January blues!

Combining  your freshly brewed cuppa with lots of fresh air means that we have it covered at Tregothnan. Our homegrown tea needs a lot of careful nurturing, grown outdoors in our tea gardens around the Estate. Come and join us for a tea masterclass at Tregothnan and combine the health benefits of tea with the health benefits of fresh air with a walk around our botanical garden and tea plantations. See our experiences page for more details.

And there’s more…if you – like so many of us are joining in with Veganuary this month – then you’ll be glad to know that tea is in fact Vegan! Packed with antioxidants to help you through the hardest month of the year, drinking more tea will certainly help you to succeed in keeping your resolutions this year.

A cup of the nations favourite drink

Not that we needed any more excuses to drink more tea!



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