Wreath Making Workshop

Wreath Making Workshop


Dates available: 29th November 2019.

Come join us for a real festival treat! Everyone loves to hang a wreath over their mantelpiece or front door over the Christmas period, but few realise how enjoyable – and achievable it is to make your own. Making your own wreath is a wonderfully creative activity and a perfect way to get in the Christmas spirit.

The Tregothnan wreaths really are in a class of their own, using the best examples of wild winter foliage fresh from our garden and local growers. We add our signature touches to these centrepieces, such as our show stopping Golden Clamped Wreath, made up of a luxurious combination of fruit, gold ting ting, gold cones, statice, spruce, holly, cupresus and tree ivy, finished off with a beautiful ribbon. In just a few simple steps, you can be the proud creator of your very own magnificent wreath!

Under the expert tutorage of our florist, we will demonstrate the best ways to create, compose and wire a garland or wreath. You might want to try your hand at replicating one of our popular creations. Examples might include wreaths in green holly, fragrant lavender, sugar and spice and dry moss, hydrangea and statice, even edible chilli and herb.

For those feeling adventurous and would like something a little less traditional, we have a beautiful display of a hydrangea and statice vine heart shaped wreath – a stunning wreath need not be a round one!

As well as making a wonderful and timely addition to a festive home, these displays would also make a fantastic and unique present. They are also designed to keep fresh over the festive period, giving you one less thing to worry about when you plan your Christmas!


Price is £95 and includes lunch and a cream tea.

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