Tregothnan Breakfast Tea (min 250g)

  • Tregothnan 250g Breakfast tea

Tregothnan Breakfast Tea (min 250g)


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Bold, malty and rich made with the widest variety of leaves ever grown in England, then blended with the finest Assam, we are anticipating this breakfast tea isn’t only served fast, it is the slickest way to get a morning blast of caffeine without the grumpy attitude that comes with coffee.

The wealth of botanical treasures at Tregothnan is incredible, with endless possibilities. The complexity of our teas just hit a record with our new breakfast blend. We have brought together a diversity of tea leaves greater than any other tea estate to give a rich and rewarding breakfast brew. This bold and malty blend incorporates some of the 38 different varieties of Camellia sinensis that were gifted to Tregothnan from growers across the world at the end of the last millennia. When tea growers from Vietnam, India, Malaysia and China heard about our British quest to be the first growers of tea in the UK, bushes were sent in celebration of this momentus and pioneering undertaking and planted in the experimental section of Tregothnan’s tea gardens.

Some of these species just could not flourish in our British climate, but many have grown and developed and are now playing an integral part of our tea business. One of these such teas is a species all the way from Vietnam, named the ‘six-pack’ tea, due to its ribbed leaf likened to a well-toned abdomen.

To brew this quintessential morning blend, use freshly boiled water left to cool and infuse for 3 to 4 minutes. Our English Breakfast tea can be drunk with milk and sweetened to taste.