Fresh Tea Collection

Fresh Tea Collection


This wonderfully unique posy is a perfect introduction for tea lovers into the exciting process of growing and producing your own tea.

Designed and picked by our resourceful florists, this posy is filled with a diverse and fragrant selection of Eucalyptus, Lemon Verbena, Myrtle, Camellia, Drymis, and Manuka and makes a special and enduring gift. Once it has finished its bloom and made a beautiful display for your home, it can be turned into a delicious tea! The posy comes with detailed care notes, giving you a full description on how to guide your flowers through their journey to providing you with many delicious cups of tea.  This unique gift is perfect for both horticulturists and those who are keen to learn more about the journey from flower to cup.

All the foliage comes from our Tregothnan estate, one of the largest, private, botanic gardens in Britain. The unique, subtropical microclimate and setting of Cornwall creates a fascinating and diverse ecosystem, allowing these plants to flourish that ordinarily would suffer in harsher climates. This posy is a fine example of the wide variety of foliage that thrives in the inimitable growing conditions at Tregothnan.

Please note: Eucalyptus is not suitable for children. Consume in moderation – toxic if consumed in large quantities. Use in cooking and flavouring similarly to bay leaves. We do not advise ingesting the leaf or stem. May be used to flavour live fire cooking over wood and charcoal. The generally used amount is 1/2 tsp dried leaves or one torn up fresh leaf per cup of water, and no more than 1-3 cups per day.