Tea Bush Gift with 12 Classic Loose Leaf Pyramids

Tea Bush Gift with 12 Classic Loose Leaf Pyramids


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Our Tea Bush gift and classic loose pyramids give you everything need to grow your own tea at home and while you’re waiting for it to come to fruition, enjoy a cup of Tregothnan Classic Tea from the UK’s only tea plantation! Simply delicious with a bold, malty and full-bodied flavour, this charming tea has a hefty following of fans.


Our Classic Tea is a consistent and awakening blend of exclusive hand-plucked Tregothnan leaves with the finest Assam.

Biodegradable pyramids

Our innovative loose leaf pyramids each hold 3 grams of our unique Classic Tea in a biodegradable silken tea pouch. All the perks of enjoying loose leaves without the need for a teapot or tea strainer! This product is presented in a lovely keepsake kilner tin which is perfect for re-filling.

Unlike tea bushes supplied as seedlings, this Camellia Sinensis plant has been nurtured from cutting and will happily grow in the correct conditions. It is approximately 15-25cms tall and is supplied with detailed care notes.