Single Estate Collection Gift Set

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Single Estate Collection Gift Set


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Add a Tregothnan Jute Bag

A stylish new infographical look complements the soft grey bag.
300mm (w) x 300mm (h) x 210mm (d). Strap height 150mm.

Add gift wrapping service

Tregothnan wrapping paper will give the finishing touch to your gift.

The Tregothnan Single Estate Tea Gift Set is a very special gift for the extra special tea lover in your life. For the first time ever, we’ve created the ultimate Single Estate tea gift set with both Single Estate Black Tea and Single Estate Green Tea caddies. Presented in a stylish, grey gift box, this Single Estate collection gift set is one of the most precious and rare gifts you could lavish on your friends or family.

These rare teas are made purely from Camellia sinensis leaves from the Tregothnan estate. Light and delicate flavours of the most British tea in history are created far inland in the warm and wet climate on the banks of the deep sea creek of the Fal. Many of the tea bushes now producing the finest teas made their way from China in the 1840’s via Darjeeling, finally reaching Tregothnan in 1999.  The soils and temperatures at Tregothnan have become second home to much of the flora associated with tea in Darjeeling and some aficionados note muscatel notes and even Magnolia florals from the famous Magnolia campbellii. The UK’s first outdoor ornamental Camellias are vibrantly approaching their fourth century and grow all around these tea bushes, testament to the truly unique Tregothnan microclimate.

If you’re interested in where these pure, English tea leaves are plucked from, please click here to read about the tea gardens planted across Tregothnan lands in our beautiful corner of Cornwall.