Nettle Loose Leaf – 250g

Nettle Loose Leaf – 250g


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From the Tregothnan gardens in Cornwall, Nettle is refreshing, aromatic, nutritious, and cleansing, with a fresh natural sweetness and richness. For our loyal fans, we can now supply 250 grams of Nettle. Delivered in a silver catering pack, this will make well over 250 cups of tea depending on taste. Nettle can also be re-infused.

Ask a medical herbalist which herbal infusion they would take if they were to be stranded on a desert island (along with a kettle and a mug) and many would go straight for Nettle. One of the oldest and most popular of all herbal tisanes, is a perfect summer beverage.

Considered the healthiest tea of all, it is full of nutrients including vitamin A and C, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and silica. Aside from being an all-round blood tonic, its excellent anti-histamine properties make it ideal for hay-fever sufferers. It is also commonly used for rheumatism relief or as a detoxifier to remove impurities from the body.