Myrtle Tea Loose Leaf Caddy 25g

Myrtle Tea Loose Leaf Caddy 25g


Our smart little caddy is packed with loose leaf Myrtle, simply dried and packed in a silver foiled bag for the best freshness and green flavour.

Another age-old herb, in Greek mythology Myrtle was sacred to Aphrodite. We can see why! Its berries and twigs are used in flavouring food and wines, but the leaves are just as aromatic in our healthy herbal infusion.

Full of fresh smooth flavour, this tisane is invigorating, detoxing and delicate. Plus, it’s good for you. Myrtle contains anti-bacterial properties and positive effects when suffering from common colds, influenzas and indigestion. Sleep peacefully after a cup of this wholesome calming brew.

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