Manuka Floral Honey 113g

Manuka Floral Honey 113g


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Our Manuka bushes flowered beautifully in June and after a long and wonderful summer we have finally received our floral honey from our beekeepers, just in time for Christmas!

Bees fly freely across the Tregothnan estate and will be feeding on Manuka flowers as well as flowers in the garden and deer park. Manuka is correctly identified as Leptospermum scoparium, a New Zealand native shrub that grows intermittently with other wildflowers in swathes of New Zealand. We do not sell this as a monofloral honey or make any medicinal benefit claims, only that it is delicious and unique. Tregothnan pioneered Leptospermum into cultivation in the 1880’s. We also use Manuka in our bouquets of flowers and enjoy making the herbal tea once savoured by Captain Cook when he arrived in New Zealand.

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