Manuka Gift Hamper

Manuka Gift Hamper


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This extra-special manuka gift hamper is the perfect present for foodies who love unique food gifts with a twist.

We are extremely proud of our Manuka or Leptospermum scoparium, a New Zealand native shrub that grows intermittently with other wildflowers in swathes of New Zealand. Tregothnan pioneered Leptospermum into cultivation in the 1880’s so our Manuka honey is extremely rare and totally exquisite. Manuka bushes now surround our tea plantations to protect them from strong English winds.

Our bees also feed on Manuka flowers, creating the most delicious and unique Manuka honey. We make Manuka smoking woodchips from chipped branches of the bushes which are also included in this Manuka gift pack. We have made two teas using the delicately floral and sweet flowers from the Manuka plant – the inimitable Eurostar for Business Premier tea with a smoky Earl grey base and our Christmas Tea with cinnamon.

Contents Include:

Cornish Smoked Manuka Earl Grey (made for Eurostar Business Premier) 12 Pyramid Tin
Christmas Tea 50g Loose Leaf Tin
Floral Manuka Honey 227g
Tregothnan Bone China Mug
Bag of Manuka Wood Smoking Chips
All presented in our stylish black hamper.

If you’re interested in our manuka honey alone, please click here for our 227g jar.