Green Tea Loose Leaf – 500g

  • Tea Pucking in Cornish Tea Plantation

Green Tea Loose Leaf – 500g


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Our Green Tea Loose Leaf – 500g ticks all the boxes – it is rich in health benefits as well as having an incredible flavour. This product has been created for our loyal fans…the 500 grams is supplied in a silver catering pack and should be enough to make a cup of tea every morning for the rest of the year!

Our tea grows in inimitable conditions and is from the same type of bushes as those from which Green Tea was first discovered in China. The process of creating black teas varies here, as oxidisation is replaced by steaming so the fresh leaves retain their natural green colour.

A devoted drinker recently said: “Tregothnan Green Tea is not bitter like others that I’ve tried – I have to say it is the best I’ve ever tasted!”

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that help fight illness plus nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It can relieve the feeling of fatigue, boost the immune system, reduce cholesterol levels, and reports show that it can also help you lose weight. It also removes toxins from the body naturally and safely.