Fennel Loose Leaf 250g

Fennel Loose Leaf 250g


For our loyal fans, we are now offering 250 grams of our Fennel infusion. There is something about this tea that evokes childhood trips to the sweetshop. This plentiful supply is delivered in a silver catering pack, making well over 250 cups of tea depending on taste. Fennel can also be re-infused.

Tregothnan’s cultivated whole Fennel seeds have a sweet aniseed flavour to delight the senses. In India, the seeds are chewed after a meal to freshen the breath and soothe the digestive tract thanks to it being especially high in soothing oils and renowned for its carminative properties.

Talking of food, add a teaspoon to the pan after you’ve cooked fish, a glug of white wine and a little cream and you’ll have a delicious sauce.

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