Eucalyptus Tea 100 Catering Sachets (foil wrapped)

Eucalyptus Tea 100 Catering Sachets (foil wrapped)


Pure English Eucalyptus from the Tregothnan gardens in Cornwall. Eucalyptus is one of our very finest hearty healthy herbals.  Alleviate nasal congestion and maintain clear breathing passages with this infusion created from our Eucalyptus plants plucked on the Tregothnan estate. A great tea for winter maladies, it is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral for effective respiratory support.

The ultimate health kick, Eucalyptus has an aromatic menthol scent and a bold astringent flavour, which is nurturing, soothing and vibrant.

Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea – we recommend at least 4 minutes of infusion time before pouring. For a stronger flavour, the tea sachet can remain in the cup as you drink your brew. Eucalyptus should be served without milk and can be sweetened with sugar or honey to taste.

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