Echinacea Loose Leaf Caddy 25g

Echinacea Loose Leaf Caddy 25g


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Our Echinacea infusion is a powerful immune booster, making it a wonderful drink for anyone who’s feeling a bit under the weather.

The silver caddy is packed with the lovely chunky herb, simply dried and packed in a silver foiled bag for the best freshness and floral flavour. Depending on how strong you like your tea, 25g of Tregothnan’s Echinacea Infusion will make 6-7 pots and can also be reinfused.

Exceptionally good in winter, this magnificent little plant is just what you need to keep colds and flu at bay. It’s also good for wound-healing, so sip – and even gargle – our Echinacea infusion if you have mouth ulcers. Echinacea tea can even help reduce fatigue and ease allergy symptoms such as wheezing, runny nose and an itchy throat.

And it tastes amazing too! The scent is caramel, the taste is wholesome and sweet. Floral, delicate and refreshing, it is a delightful relaxing beverage to sip at the end of a hectic day and is thought to improve nutrition uptake.

For perfect brewing, add your desired amount of loose leaf tea into the metal infuser of the teapot – we recommend a heaped teaspoon for each person and an extra spoonful for the teapot! Place the infuser into the teapot.

Infuse for 2 to 4 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea – we recommend at least 3 minutes of infusion time before pouring. Whole leaves take a little longer to brew, but the short wait is well worth it.

Remove the infuser – the leaves will have expanded to three times their original size. If you would like further cups once the teapot is empty, simply replace the infuser with the same tea leaves and add more water.