Earl Grey 15 Foil English Tea Sachets

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Earl Grey 15 Foil English Tea Sachets


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Our famous Earl Grey tea bags are one of our signature blends, using only the best bergamot oil – pure and natural oil from bergamot orchards in Calabria, Italy. Our homegrown leaves are blended with the best Assam and subtly infused with bergamot oil. Selected for our new, luxury 15 sachet box, our Earl Grey tea bags are made famous by Tregothnan’s family connection to Sir Charles Grey, the pioneer of this fine English brew.

Health benefits of Earl Grey Tea

  • Tea leaves and bergamot contain antioxidants which can help to keep the immune system healthy
  • Earl Grey Tea is packed with flavour but has zero calories so offers a good replacement for sugary drinks
  • Earl Grey tea has been studied for its effect on decreasing bad cholesterol while improving good cholesterol in the body

Each box contains 15 individually sealed Earl Grey tea bags in foil sachets for ultra freshness, meaning your last serving of tea will be as fresh as your first!

Brewing instructions

To brew a cup of the best Earl Grey tea, use freshly boiled water which has been left to cool to approximately 90ºc, to avoid the tea leaves from being scorched with overly hot water. We recommend three to four minutes of steeping time for the perfect, invigorating Earl Grey brew.

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