Classic Tea 25 Loose Leaf Refill Pyramids

  • Tregothnan 250g Breakfast tea

Classic Tea 25 Loose Leaf Refill Pyramids


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Our innovative loose leaf pyramids each hold 3 grams of our unique Classic Tea in biodegradable silken tea pouches. All the perks of enjoying loose leaves without the need for a teapot or tea strainer! This product is a foiled pouch of 25 Classic pyramid bags which can be used as a refill for your Tregothnan tins.

Ingredients: A delicious blend of hand-plucked Cornish Tea from Tregothnan and the finest Assam Tea from India. This tea is dairy free, gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Perfect brewing: For perfect brewing, use filtered or bottled water just off the boil, and brew for 3-4 minutes. Whole leaves take a little longer to brew, but the short wait is well worth it. Classic Tea can be served with or without milk and sweetened with honey or sugar to taste. Remember – these lovely little pyramids can also be reinfused!