Camellia ‘Lady Clare’

Camellia ‘Lady Clare’


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The glorious rose pink Camellia from Tregothnan somehow manages to be extravagant in its simple elegance. The rose like buds are glorious in their own perfection, presented on their own naturally varnished green-black leaves. Fully open blooms are also impressive and make no reference to winter in their summery flamboyance.

To prolong the enjoyment of these amazing flowers in a vase simply remove blooms as they bruise or fade. The foliage itself stays vibrant for weeks and is the perfect foil for more typical spring flowers as they appear in your garden or local market.

Available from Christmas to Easter, these are a great favourite at Tregothnan. We are picking today from bushes planted in the 19th century an still bursting with beauty! Flowers may be delivered in bud to ensure maximum freshness and protection from bruising.

Freshly picked from the Tregothnan gardens, these beautiful flowers only require the simplest arrangement.