Single Estate Tea

This extra special tea is made purely from Camellia sinensis leaves from the Tregothnan estate. Light and delicate flavours of the most British tea in history are created in the warm and wet climate on the banks of the deep sea creek of the Fal. Many of the tea bushes now producing the finest teas made their way from China in the 1840’s via Darjeeling, finally reaching Tregothnan in 1999.  The soils and temperatures at Tregothnan have become second home to much of the flora associated with tea in Darjeeling and some aficionados note muscatel notes and even Magnolia florals from the famous Magnolia campbellii.

Infuse at 80c in filtered or naturally soft water. No milk or other additions required to taste but this tea is incredible adaptable and compliments a great range of other ingredients in the cup if you wish to experiment. Re-infuse the leaves as many times as you choose, the record is 12 infusions, equating to 12 cups of tea from 3 grams.

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