Manuka Honey

Our bees feed on Manuka flowers, creating the most delicious and unique Manuka honey. Manuka or Leptospermum scoparium, a New Zealand native shrub that grows intermittently with other wildflowers in swathes of New Zealand. Tregothnan pioneered Leptospermum into cultivation in the 1880’s so our Manuka honey is extremely rare and totally exquisite.

Tregothnan is the only Manuka producer in the world to have been awarded a kosher certification. Tregothnan’s Floral Manuka Honey was awarded this accolade by Chief Rabbi, Dayan Weitz, who came to visit Tregothnan to examine its honey manufacturing procedures.

Extremely rare, the Manuka plant is celebrated for its antibacterial properties and is reported to have a number of health benefits such as wound health, sore throats and digestive issues. Tregothnan’s tea bushes are surrounded by Manuka plantations, in part to protect the tea from the prevailing winds due to Manuka’s thick, coarse characteristics.

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