Poldark A grand Tregothnan ball

Poldark: A grand Tregothnan ball

Many of you may have tuned into  popular TV series Poldark on Sunday night and, for those of you that did, you may have heard a familiar name…

Poldark A grand Tregothnan ball

A grand ball held at Tregothnan was the focus of this 5th episode of this current series 3, with the main characters jostling to position themselves in front of members of the Boscawen family on the Tregothnan estate. This dramatic episode had everyone on the edge of their seats with a tense prison rescue set against the elegant beauty of the Tregothnan ball itself.

This episode featured the rescue of Lord Falmouth’s nephew (Lieutenant Armitage) from a prison in France by the eponymous hero Ross Poldark. The Lord Falmouth depicted in this episode is, in fact, George Evelyn Boscawen who was the 3rd Great Grandfather of our current Lord Falmouth, George Hugh Boscawen.

Poldark A grand Tregothnan ball


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